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mbravo, we used that with our 9 year old son this past Christmas, since he was pretty sure Santa wasn't real, but our 4 year old daughter is pretty sure he is. SO, my wife took my son out and talked to him about how Santa is a spirit, we can all work on and share, and can all be called to be a Santa. My son got it. My wife then asked if he could be a Santa and give a big gift to a little guy who really needed something this year. My son said ok. SO, my wife took him to a person's house and introduced him to a kitten whose siblings had all been adopted and was very lonely and asked my son if he could help that kitten have a better Christmas. He was up to the challenge.

Neither of my kids have ever believed in the Easter bunny. We have never mentioned the idea it might be real. However, they have both been told that fairies are real. The younger one still believes, the older...probably not, but knows that if he goes with it the fairy still might bring presents, and swap him a present for most of his candy after Halloween.
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