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Originally Posted by erwins View Post
All autonomous vehicles that are on the roads now ought to have been tested in those conditions until they can safely negotiate them one way or another. If they can't, they should be in closed course testing until they can.
Absolutely - you've put it more clearly than I've managed to do, or seen before.

It's the same error that pseudo-scientists make when testing their "theories". It seems they've only been testing for success, not failure. Their test environments have been set up to be as easy as possible for the cars, and they've gone straight from that to "real world" without going through the hard bits in between, which might have shown up problems.

Put like this it sounds so obvious that it's hard to believe it's true, but nothing I've read has contradicted it - and all the descriptions I've seen of the automated testing, and even the real-world testing (always in the easiest locations) have seemed to deliberately emphasise it, as though it's a good thing!
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