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Originally Posted by Fantine View Post
Yeah, support the troops by not watching ABC and wearing a flag pin your your lapel! That'll show those nasty bad guys who's boss!!!

Seriously, how does boycotting a particular network and wearing a flag on your lapel show support for the troops? How about volunterring at a VA hospital? How about sending money for body armor? How about actually doing something that matters, if you are so gung-ho about showing support? I very much doubt that the commenter here has done or will do anything of the kind.
Oh, c'mon, the OP knows the score. Mickey Mouse has used his wealth to cushion himself from the harsh realities of war. He, and his Disney hangers on, will never serve a day.

Seriously, people tend to think symbolic meaning carries equal weight as action. In some cases, more.

I love animals, and hate that people abuse them, so I watch Animal Planet. I could donate time at my local animal shelter, but that would be too sad. Even though my volunteering will do something concrete to alleviate their pain, I'd prefer -- due to my sensitive nature and love of animals -- to watch other people handle the situation.
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