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Frying Pan

Originally Posted by snopes View Post
Comment: Why do We have the Spanish language in this Our Country the USA.
The Mexican language is not Spanish. They do not understand each other.
We had two Mexican men go to Spain and thet could not understand their
language. Also what happen to the Law that everything was to
be written in English in Our Country The USA. I just read it the other day
again. This is interesting::Searches
related to Mexican Language. Mexican language dictionary Spanish

We Have Friend of both Countries. The Spanish do not want to be called
Mexicans and the Mexicans do do not want to be called Spanish. They told
Me that. They are different Cultures completely...
(bolding mine) This bozo can't even write American English, and he's ranting about Spanish (or Mexican Spanish) in the US? Paging Mr. Pott... Paging Mr. Pott....
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