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Fight James Woods vs. Sean Young

From a 21 September 2007 Entertainment Weekly (EW) feature story on actress Sean Young:

Some bitterness dies hard. In a 1992 EW cover story on Young, [James] Woods sounded a note of contrition when he said that "I love and admire Sean," and elsewhere he has been quoted as saying "Maybe she'll say it's time to bury the hatchet. I can only be a gentleman and say I hope for the best." But when approached again for this piece, he struck back at the actress in four angry and raw e-mails sent to EW over the course of 12 hours, cc'd to his lawyer and publicist. He wrote, among other things, that the actress perpetrated a "jihad of terror" against him and his now ex-wife, that this all "was certainly not about spurned advances, as they were most assuredly not spurned," and that "I am sure it is fashionable to bash the guy (yawn) and pity the poor woman." (He also stressed that a highly publicized urban legend, wherein Young superglued his penis to his leg, was entirely false and if the magazine suggested otherwise he'd take EW to court. The actress also denies the incident.) His lawyer quickly followed up Woods' eruption with an e-mail saying the messages had been accidentally sent, and insisted EW only quote his client using the following statement: "These incidents took place over 20 years ago, and I have moved on and would suggest Ms. Young do the same."
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