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Youtube is hard for me to get truly lost in the way I used to get lost in TVtropes. For one thing, videos by nature require a time commitment, so I'll see a video is ten minutes long and think to myself "Eh, not right now." I also have to be in the mood to watch videos, and can fall out of it just as quickly as I got into it.

Example: Lately I've been watching through the No Small Parts archive while I relax at the end of the day. I can watch maybe a 20 minute video, but more than that and I have to start breaking them down into 15 minute segments that I'll resume the next day. Not sure where this issue comes from; no one else I know seems to really have it, I seem to know far more people who can happily binge watch hours and hours of a show in one sitting. Even with "proper" TV shows, I can usually only watch maybe 2 episodes back to back before I get the urge to change tracks.

TISSTTM: You may not be able to cross huge swathes of things off your to-do list, even after spending what feels like hours hacking away at it. Yes, even the micro-managing to-do list where you tried to break everything down into tiny chunks so you could cross more things off.
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