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Default When mom is dying

My mom has been fighting colon cancer for 6 years (she was given 5 years originally), and after 3 rounds of chemo, things are not going well. She's in constant pain.

She's in Canada (as I am now), and has been contemplating assisted death due to her very frail condition. She can barely get up and use the bathroom/washup. She weighed 135-140 as an adult and is now down to a hair under 100 lbs.

I'm not fighting with the idea of assisted death, as ultimately (and legally), that's her decision.

I'm actually fighting as to what stance I should take in front of her. Should I show support? Should I show opposition? Should I remain neutral?

So far I've taken the neutral approach, not knowing really anything else I could do. I recommended to my brother that he take the same approach.

I'm concerned that if she DID go through with it, that some of my relatives would have a strong resentment.

The nurses that see her as end-of-life care are always supportive of assisted death.


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