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Originally Posted by WildaBeast View Post
From the OP article:

This is the ketchup bottle our group had when traveling in Uganda and Kenya:

Untitled by mtwilda, on Flickr

So this condiment brand markets its ketchup based solely on its Americanness. I'm not sure I believe that "US grade A" claim, though. I don't really think the USDA is sending inspectors to Kenya or Uganda or wherever this is manufactured to grade their ketchup.

American Garden seems to be a unique food manufacturer, with most of their products made in the United States but normally not marketed in the United States.

I used to see their products in Kuwait and I seem to recall of the ones I checked, they were all made in the United States. I don't recall specifically seeing the ketchup product.

Based on their product page for ketchup, they claim:

Made from California vine-ripened tomatoes, and Certified US Grade A our ketchup recipe combines a balanced blend of spices to make a sweet and tangy sauce that is the perfect accompaniment to any dish.
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