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Originally Posted by Sylvanz View Post
Ha! I like ketchup on hot dogs. Did you hear that sausage group something or othe? I don't think that makes me or my palette , " imature." You know what's worse, though? I eat it with steak. Yes, you saw it steak. That's how I like it.
You eat ketchup on hot dogs with steak? Sounds great!

Originally Posted by Die Capacitrix View Post
Today I had Hellman's Ketchup. Never seen that brand here before, but now I see they are Unilever, so they are basically everywhere.
Hellmann's is a popular mayonnaise brand in some markets (virtually the same as Best Foods mayonnaise, made by the same company and sold in different markets). I believe they introduced ketchup to give a slap at Heinz, which recently re-introduced mayonnaise with their brand.
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