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If you're wondering why an autonomous vehicle might need somebody like Ben: as self-driving technology advances -- we know that General Motors, for example, is going to build one without a steering wheel, gas pedals or brakes -- if there was a situation where the autonomous car had to stop and didn't know what to do, a passenger couldn't do anything to help. They would need somebody to intervene remotely.
So we're going out of our way to make sure that the human who is actually best suited to interpret the situation and act accordingly - the human in the car, that is - is unable to do anything about it. And then we introduce another human in some remote location who is supposed to do the same thing remotly, with all the problems you lready have mentioned (I'd like to add lag problems and loss of signal). That sounds like a great idea.

"The traffic jam on A 22 this morning that caused thousands to be late for work was caused by a lorry backing out of a construction site and four self-driving cars shutting down in front of it because they couldn't interpret the situation correctly. Since the construction site is in a area with no wireless signal, remote driver services where helpless, and it took three hours to get four tow-trucks to the location to free the road. This is Radio 4 reporting"
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