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I’m currently reading the leaked Wonder Woman script by Joss Whedon.

It’s very much 2006 Joss, with the story set in modern times and Steve being the kind of noble gruff guy Nathan Fillion would have played (and yes, before you ask, I did see that movie). Bizarrely, the story is told from his POV with the first scene being his crashing on Themyscira. After a brief stopover in Vague Junta Land, we end up in Gateway City, where Diana faces off against a businesswoman using weapons to sow fear. And, of course, we get Ares (this time around accompanied by Strife), who just sort of mills around until it comes time to face off against Diana.

Twitter user @_sashayed did bring up some issues with the script…and in doing so, had to overlook a few issues:

First off, she uses the fact that a character named Milan Goshnak calls Diana a “whore” to paint the script as sexist. This ignores that Goshnak is actually used to clue Diana in to how unpleasant the world is, being a higher-up in a junta. And then she says that Diana insults Goshnak by telling him to be a man because girls do that? (Ignoring that Goshnak is male and Diana is looking for a fight at this point).

Then she uses Ares for a similar example…ignoring the fact that Ares, being the god of war, is usually portrayed as an aggressive dickhead (in fact, remember that Diana herself makes this assumption in the 2016 movie) and probably wouldn’t take the time to learn the name of a mere woman.
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