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Originally Posted by Brad from Georgia View Post
I am reading the book I just wrote because I'm into the revision process.

I only say that because I'm jealous. I end up revising orders, directives, technical papers and manuals. Yours sounds like an easier time.

I am currently reading Trumpocracy: the Corruption of the American Republic by David From

link to Amazon

It is an incredible read. Very little about Trump himself. But a lot about how the system and its players created the conditions by which Donald Trump could be elected and maintain his power. The book covers up until the one year anniversary of his election. So, the events are fresh in memory.

I would love for David Frum to be working on a sequel. This is mostly because at several points in the book there are question marks about where certain threads are going... and I know now where they went, but I want to see Frum's analysis.

I'd recommend it to anyone who is interested in how the US has devovled.
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