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I picked up a graphic novel called "Incognegro" by Mat Johnson and Warren Pleece. It's inspired by the true story of Walter Francis White, former president of the NAACP and a light-skinned black man who sometimes passed himself off as white so he could investigate lynchings. The graphic novel tells the story of a fictional man, Zane Pinchback, a journalist who has based his career off of doing the same. He lives in NYC in the 1930's, but frequently makes trips down south to conduct his research (which includes actually attending lynchings so he can expose the people who commit them.)

It's short, so I read it all in one afternoon. Very well done, with surprisingly funny moments considering the subject matter. It's kind of a superhero story, blended with horror and history.

In the back of the book, there was an ad for a prequel about Zane's first time going undercover. It's set in 1920's Harlem and I look forward to getting a copy when I have some spending money again.

In the meantime, I'm reading "Fingersmith" by Sarah Waters. I've already seen both adaptations - the BBC's and the movie "Handmaiden" by Park Chan Wook - so I know the story pretty well by now. Still, Waters's writing is beautiful and I'm enjoying the book anyway. Plus both movies had so many plot twists that I'm not sure I can remember them all anyway!
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