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I saw it for $2 and decided it was worth the risk: I picked up a hardcover copy of Minecraft: The Island by Max Brooks, the guy who wrote World War Z (it says on the cover).

This is a weird one. I got it because 1. I like to read and will read almost anything, given sufficient boredom, and 2. I still play Minecraft at least 4 hours per week. So this seemed like a reasonable decision, although I suspected it was going to be a disappointment.

The novel is about a person who quite literally awakens in the world of Minecraft, and has to learn the weird and illogical rules of survival in that world. It's told in the first person, and any player of the game will recognize everything described almost instantly. It is a novel set in the game told by a narrator who is a partially-amnesiac modern-day human.

I don't really know who the intended audience is for this book. Most likely YA, but non-players probably won't enjoy it, and players probably will find the story far more boring than simply playing the game. It wasn't terrible, and the actual writing was good, but it is, to my mind, a very very niche product. Can't say I'd recommend it to anyone except a diehard Minecraft gamer who also likes game fanfic.

Now back to trawling through the abyss of the Kindle free library... and maybe some purchases, as well.
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