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Also, again, it wouldn't be an exhaustive list. The UK would be in it for the fire at Windscale in 1957:

(And apparently plenty of minor leaks as well). I would have thought it would be quite hard to find a definitive list of nuclear accidents, too, although maybe easier than to find a definitive list of countries that have been "reunited" with other bits of the country. (Unless there's a very specific definition involved).

Beside which, as GenYus said, Chernobyl is in Ukraine not Russia. (eta - to be fair I'm not sure exactly where it is; I don't think it's in the Crimea but it may be in the other slice of Ukraine that Russia has just annexed. But if India qualifies as a "sort of", surely that would too. It was in the USSR at the time of the disaster.) And again, Cyprus first? Are there any nuclear reactors (or other major sources of "leakable" radioactivity) in Cyprus?
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