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Originally Posted by Sue View Post
A few months ago I came across a recipe for brownies that used nutella. Never having bought the product but having seen it hyped everywhere for a while (well everywhere near me here in Ottawa anyway) I thought I'd try it out. Nope. Didn't even try it because the price of a small jar of the stuff was ridiculous ! I guess if I was hooked and there was a massive sale I'd brawl too (hopefully wouldn't knock over or punch any little old ladies) but as things stand - no thanks. I don't see it making its way into my pantry anytime soon.
My mom's IGA in Quebec sells the 1kg jar for C$9.49. Kraft peanut butter is C$3.99 for 500g, so about C$8 for 1kg. Not a big difference, but chocolate/cacao is more expensive than peanuts.

The 26.5oz jar in the US is US$4.98, so about US$6 for 1kg.

I sometimes buy the Aldi brand. Cheaper but not quite as good.

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