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Man, I miss the 1990's. Remember when the Cold War was over, and Russia was either going to evolve into a modern democracy, or disintegrate into a gangster-led anarchy -- either way, it would not have the power or inclination to be a serious competitor to the US? And China seemed like a problem for the future (OK, we're in that future now, but still).

But we're getting back to that old superpower brinksmanship. Of course we aren't happy with Russia's activities in the Ukraine, or some of what China is doing with its artificial islands. But is it worth starting a world war over? Probably not...but where do you draw the line? And will the other side be willing to draw it in the same place.

The fact that Russia is being led by an effective and powerful de-facto dictator, while the US is being run by an idiot, is not helping matters, obviously.

But there's not much question in my mind that the US needs to take the information wars seriously. We should be better at it than anyone else...and I certainly have my suspicions that we can do/are doing some things quietly on that front. But on the surface, at least, we seem to be losing.
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