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The issue can get pretty complicated if you try to work through all the ramifications.

It's my understanding that cat and dog food mostly uses the parts of animals that most humans don't want to eat. What people are eating in sausage and pressed/expressed meats without realizing it, however, may be another question.

But also: if we put all the dogs on vegan diets, we're presumably going to have to grow more grains and produce for them. And most of that, at least, is going to be grown in large-scale monocropped fields. Basically, almost nothing survives in those fields except the intended crop. A mixed-species pasture supports a whole lot more animal life; and a great deal of habitat, some of it crucial for entire species, is endangered by creating more monocropped fields. But then, many of the livestock whose meat is going into cat and dog (and human) food don't spend all or in some cases any of their lives on mixed-species pasture; they're likely to be feedlot or CAFO raised and fed on crops from . . . large-scale monocropped fields.

IMO, we're doing a lot of the whole process wrong. But also IMO, trying to get livestock out of it entirely is the wrong approach. Whole systems include both plants and animals, all of them eating each other at various points in the cycle; I don't think ecologies, including agricultural ecologies, work if you try to take the animals out.

(That's not an attempt to argue humans who choose to be vegan out of it, by the way. Many things go into human decisions on what to eat, and different people do better physically on different diets.)
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