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It's not a western American saddle. Maybe it is in Oz.

I wanted to link to Photo Bob's last post in the closed thread, but don't know how. It was about the person who kept alive their dog who'd had a stroke.

When I was 19, the dog we'd had since I was 5 had a stroke. She could not stand, so we had her put down. When we took her to the vet school, the student at the intake desk said "Oh, dogs don't have strokes. They only have [insert medical term that means stroke]."

In contrast, my friend S's cat had a stroke, and recovered sufficiently to be taken home from the vet's. He only lived about three more months, but that was because he was a very old cat, not because of the stroke.

I guess my point is that while it was cruel in this case not to put the animal down, some can recover and continue to live worthwhile lives.

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