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There are indeed cases in which children should be removed in cases of medical neglect, and some are so intractable that it might never be safe for the child(ren) to go back home. My dispute is with the statement, "medical neglect should result in automatic and permanent lose(sic) of custody, no matter what form of superstitious nonsense is used to justify it."

Each case is individual, and in some cases the problem may be less life-threatening and/or the parent more amenable to education. Removal of children from their families and termination of parental rights should not be done lightly or punitively, as it often punishes the children more than it does the parents, removing them from their homes, their pets, their schools, and all their extended family. Sometimes siblings even end up being separated because one foster home may not have the capacity to care for all the children in the family. That's why it's best for children if we use the least intrusive intervention possible.

The OP is a tragic story, and I can't say I disagree with the prosecution of the parents. I wish that intervention had happened in time to save the child. I just think that such situations need to be addressed on a case-by-case basis.
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