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Originally Posted by Sue View Post
I can understand their family and friends being supportive of them, even though the mind boggles - but what I can't understand is the insistence that "now this means the government can force you to take your child to the doctor when he sneezes". There is no sense of proportion at all. This child died needlessly and he suffered for weeks. Do the parents and the enablers feel no regret? No remorse? Would they do the same thing again? If so I agree with you CD these people should not be allowed to parent children.
That's something that gets me about all the faith healing or alternative medicine cases: it's not like the kid just suddenly keeled over in a few hours and there wasn't anything the parents could have done to save them. In most of these cases, the kid in question usually suffered horribly over a period of several days. And I freely admit that I don't have kids and therefore, I may be totally off base, but I thought one of the hallmarks of good parenting was trying to keep your kid from going through horrible pain. Yeah, there are times in life, where you have to stand by and watch them learn a painful lesson they'll never forget, but don't good parents do what they can to shield their kids from pain and suffering? Wouldn't a good parent be horribly upset over seeing their kid suffer through prolonged agony over a period of days and at some point be like, "Okay this isn't working," and drag the kid to a hospital or something?

I'm reminded of an anecdote about a Christian Scientist named Suzanne Shepard as depicted in this incredibly sad article. She was a practitioner and when her six-year-old daughter became very ill, Shepard tried to treat her with the teachings of the church. But her daughter wasn't getting better and at some point, to use her words, "she asked herself if she wanted to be a good Christian Scientist and not have a daughter, or be a bad Christian Scientist and have a daughter." So she took her daughter to the ER. The daughter had appendicitis and peritonitis, either of which would have killed her, if her mother hadn't decided to be a bad Christian Scientist and take her to a hospital. After this, Shepard was naturally shaken by all this, started to wonder if maybe prayer and medicine weren't as incompatible as she thought. She tried to bring reform to the church, only to get punished by their version of excommunication.

So again, I'm really wondering why these sort of incidents don't happen more often with the parent being like "Okay we tried X. It's clearly not working," and from there, they burn rubber as they speed off to a hospital. I know the Christian Science comparisons aren't entirely accurate (parents were naturopaths), but the poor kid suffered over a period of several weeks and neither of his parents thought to, y'know, do something? Heck, they probably didn't even give him basic pain relief.

So yeah, with CD and Sue on the issue here.
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