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Originally Posted by Coughdrops View Post
Using quotation marks is how you show that you're writing what someone is saying. It doesn't mean that you are saying "This person said exactly this." You could be saying "This is something this person might say." or "This is what they were saying if applied to a different context."

Or to put it another way, if I write "I bet next Trump will say 'We should put a wall around the middle east.'" does not mean that is something he has actually said, it was merely making a guess at what he might say.
Quotation marks DO mean that "this person said exactly this." That is their purpose. How could you possibly be "writing what someone is saying" when it wasn't what was said, or meant, or even implied? It is a lazy and dishonest tactic, and you should just stop it if you want to be taken seriously.
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