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It's just par for the course IME at random border stops - the officer asks a few seemingly inane questions whilst I guess they are looking for signs of nervousness or evasiveness. Stuff like "So where are you going?" phrased in a sort of "have a nice time here" way is common. Last time we were stopped a Dover in a party of four and the officer said "So do you all know each other?" On that occasion I was feeling quite ill, we'd suffered numerous delays to get on our ferry because this was the weekend that Ejah, Eyeallah, Ayatollah That NNBSKing Icelandic Volcano decided to do its thing, and I wasn't in the mood for more delay. Pretty obvious though that snappy curt smartarse answers weren't going to get us through faster.

So really if you want to get through the crossing and to your destination the best thing is to just answer the simple questions and woof you proceed after a minute or two delay. Get aggressive or snarky and they might just want to ask some more questions - and/or conduct a search.

In that regard it's not really different to being well advised not to crack the "Yes I have a bomb in my suitcase" joke when checking in at the airport. Frustrating as it might be to get pulled over and asked some silly questions it is better in the long run to just go with it.

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