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The conversation they are having is not in a jail cell. It is a big wide open room, much like a reception area. It is big. there are chairs all the way around it. (I have been in this area a few times over the years as SO is not a Canadian Citizen and has to get a special Visa everytime we cross). I have heard these conversations many times while we have been waiting for her turn.

Last year we watched a guy brought in for smuggling guns and drugs while using a fake passport. And even then they did the whole interogation right out in the open. Then they took him to the back (where the audio changes)

Back in 2006, on New Years Eve i was brought "to the back" which was a small office. At this point, they may or may not ask you to remove your clothing at which point they will search your belongs, and ask you to .... present your orifaces. Thats when they will find any items..

The thing i find that is funny is when they explain he is being charged with assault for "pulling away" when officers reached for him. He was an ass from the begining, the boarder officer was suspicious, and this is the end result.
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