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Christ, I'd have sent him on back home just for interrupting so much.

I'm trying to figure out how this was taped. The star is clearly miked, as you can hear him clearly the entire time, from his car, to the station to presumably a cell. This had to be hidden because I don't believe you can use electronic devices while you're being interviewed. Mr. Gibbie got sternly warned by a Canadian border guard at Niagara for sending at text while she was conducting the interview (I was driving). I thought she was about to haul him off when I finally got him to put it down.

I think whoever the protagonist is he went to the border with the intent of being a pain and seeing what would happen. I've been heavily questioned by Canadian and American border guards alike. It's not the nature of one country or another, it's the nature of crossing a border. Answer the questions, stay polite, don't give the officer lip or attitude and you'll generally be fine.

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