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My brother convinced me to get into The Flash, so I've been watching it on Netflix. I'm making my way through season one, but good glob, it is just painful how everyone is such a dick towards Iris.

Yeah, Barry and co. can't let her in on this for her own protection, but they can tell everyone else around her. And even though it would probably benefit her to know about this stuff, seeing as she could be a valuable ally and if she knew she might be in danger, she could take measures to protect herself, clearly, the right and proper thing to do is to continue with all the gaslighting/emotional manipulation. I'm nearly at episode twenty and she's supposed to finally find out about all this, but still, I'm in danger of alienating everyone with my rants about the whole thing. I hope Iris does some curb-stomping to everyone when she finds out. Your call whether it should be literal or metaphorical curb-stomping, because everyone around her is just being awful to her.