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A friend posted about Dolores O'Riordan's death and what it meant to her (my friend). One of her friends commented ". . . but I couldn't name a Cranberries song with a gun to my head." And another friend jumped in with a "me too."

Okay. You don't know who the Cranberries were, or who O'Riordan was. Maybe you don't care. But your friend knows, and she cares. In the post you're responding to, she talked about how much the band meant to her.

You could just scroll on by and say nothing, or you could offer generic words of sympathy. You could drag your lazy ass to Google and search if you really want to know who your friend is talking about (which I doubt).

Not knowing/caring about things other people know/care about does not magically make you a better person. It's not even an interesting factoid about you. If I ruled the world, every time someone posted online just to point out that they don't know/care about the subject at hand, their wifi would crash.