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Originally Posted by Richard W View Post
I didn't quite grasp what had happened or what the charges were about until watching the video (the charges have nothing to do with his running himself over - that would be evidence, at best). But that is quite impressively inept.

If this is a drawback of automatic gearboxes, will it be worse with self-driving cars? Those might be less likely to run you over once you've got out, but are they even going to try to get you away from the police in the first place?
I would think that most people who aren't being chased by the police and driving while intoxicated have the time and the presence of mind to put the car in park and, ideally, use the parking brake before stepping out of the car.

I don't know much about self-driving cars. Is the plan to take human intervention out of the equation entirely? None of the current crop or those on the near horizon prevent a driver from taking over if necessary, but if they were truly autonomous, could the owner even be pulled over for something like a DWI?

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