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Originally Posted by Jzyehoshua View Post
1964: Civil Rights Act ending segregation and voter restrictions is passed with 80% of Republicans in the House and 82% in the Senate voting yes, but only 63% of Democrats voting yes in the House and 69% in the Senate.

Only 2 of the 112 racist Democrats who opposed the civil rights act of 1964 actually switched to the Republican Party, John Jarman and Strom Thurmond.
"Black & Right"? Really, you're once again citing an openly partisan (not to say biased) source to try to make a serious argument on a debunking site?

Perhaps the reason Congressional Republicans had a higher overall higher rate of support for the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the reason those "racist Democrats" didn't switch parties is because the voting on that issue reflected regional sectionalism that was independent of party affiliation.

Among the southern states (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia), Senate Democrats voted 1-21 against the bill (5%) while Republicans voted 0-1 (0%). In the House, southern Democrats voted 7-87 (7%) while southern Republicans voted 0-10 (0%). Among the remaining states, Democrats voted 145-9 in favor of the bill (94%) while Republicans voted 138-24 for the bill (85%).

In a nutshell, members of Congress from Southern states overwhelmingly voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act, while members of Congress from outside the South overwhelmingly voted in favor of it, regardless of party.
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