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The obvious superficial reading is that the people in charge of the freight train set the points on the main line to put the freight train on the side track, and then didn't set them back before the Amtrack train went through on the main line (and so got diverted onto the side track and into the freight train).

That leaves a signalling issue - did the Amtrack train have a green signal or did it go through a red?

And if there was a green signal, is it because the signalling went wrong somehow (meaning that the freight train operators didn't have time to set the points back correctly, or thought that the signal was red) or because the people who set the points just forgot to set them back? Those two are linked to some extent though, because you'd have hoped that the procedure for doing this would ensure that the signals were set correctly to red when the points were changed, and that the points were set correctly before the signal was changed to allow other trains through. So if it's on the freight operators, there's a possible mechanical error in the signal, or human error in the procedure, or systemic error in the procedure itself...
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