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The estimated total cost was 6000 CHF per year, with our (husband and me) part to be 30 CHF per year.

Last year's cost was 8 CHF (63 for the building / 8 homes = 7.85 CHF).

Before the street was handed over, the cracks were sealed. Snow removal is provided by the town and is already included in our taxes. Every time the utilities dig up the street (they have currently marked it for digging again), they fix what they did and do not pass the costs to us. At least, not directly.

And the road itself is built according to Swiss standard. We have lived here for 17 years and the crack repair (just put some tar down) was the first necessary maintenance during that time. And that probably would have been delayed, but it was a requirement of the ownership transfer. We actually didn't have to buy the road, it was simply transferred.

And the street is only 1 km long, basically single lane with one parallel parking on one side on parts of it.

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