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A discovery that diseases can be transmitted or transferred by pure thought from one location to another will be found.
It is now 6:58 Eastern Standard Time, 11 January, 2014. If anyone needs me I will be laughing until at least August 4th of next year.

We will lose one of our past Presidents or First Lady this year after a prolonged illness.
This is meaningless. Several of the living ex-Presidents and First Ladies are in their late 80s or early 90s and several of them have been battling "prolonged illnesses" for years. Losing one in any given year is not unlikely.

2014 will be a very interesting political year since we'll have the Fall elections coming, and I predict we'll have at least 2-3 congressmen resigning their offices before that time. I see a few more veteran lawmaker's losing their seats after the elections are over.
Water will continue to be wet.

Programmers will discover a simple computer code or app that will end almost all future online computer viruses.
And I will now add another several months at least to how long I will be laughing.

Contamination of water in major cities.
Oh please that is just ludicri... oh never mind.
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