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Originally Posted by chillas View Post
I think ... that part of the antipathy (or at least apathy) towards flu shots stems from people not really understanding what THE FLU is. So many people in my experience seem to think of it as a bad cold.
Or they think that anything that makes you throw up is the flu. Which is, I think, part of the reason why people who get sick from the shot insist it gave them the flu.

I last had the flu when my now 23 yo nephew was about 4 (too young to cross the street alone, at any rate). Because of chronic illness, he'd had a flu shot. I wasn't working for my current employer yet, and didn't get one. Nor did anyone else in my immediate family.

My sister's MIL had the flu at Xmas, but everyone still went there for Xmas (don't ask me why--it never occurred to us not to go). Everyone except the 4 yo got the flu. My sister ran out of coffee and after everyone was all better, said that she'd wished she could send my nephew to the grocery store (1 block away; every employee of the store knew my nephews) and my nephew looked at her in shock and said "by myself?!"


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