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Originally Posted by Lainie View Post
They wouldn't even be allowed to cook and eat meals as a family, if ATNM had his way:
Nothing I have said would prevent anyone who chose from cooking and eating meals at home together. I have said that if the government is to provide the food, we could do it better and more efficiently by providing actual meals, and while this would not have people cooking together, it certainly would not prevent families from eating together.

Originally Posted by Lainie View Post
ETA: I'm confused. I thought conservatives believed the government needed to spend less money, not more?
Just because I recognize the inanity of leftist policies does not make me a conservative. I think through all policies for the effects, and disagree with those that are destructive to the meeting of people’s long-term well-being.

As for the cost of my proposal, I ran the numbers once, and the cost of all food-providing programs would have provided very nearly the price of a typical salad/taco/pizza/or breakfast bar for all the anticipated meals to be served. I think with a much higher volume and bulk-purchasing, the meals could be provided at a lower cost yet, while providing also community day care centers and such benefits as health insurance for the employees (displacing Medicaid costs to improve the net bottom line).

I envision a large number of cafeterias which provide meals to anyone who shows up. (Money saved by avoiding the administration of means-testing, verification and distribution of funds – but any program will need an auditor’s and/or inspector’s office to minimize fraud). The meals would be wholesome, and accommodate a range of dietary needs: low salt, vegetarian, etc. – kosher cafeterias or sections might be provided in areas with sufficient demand. Where space is available – say in schools no longer used as schools, additional programs could be provided, such as for continuing education, clubs and community activities, cultural activities (dances, concerts, sing-alongs, etc.), sports and games, political groups, religious groups, etc. (no forced attendance to any of these, so accommodating by providing use of available space is not ‘entanglement’).

I would anticipate that at first, those who arrived would be those who really had trouble affording meals for themselves and their families. But I would hope that in time the community programs would attract all classes of people, and that the cafeterias would become true community centers filling the role that community activities such as quilting bees, church socials, bowling leagues, town meetings, etc. used to play in earlier times.
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