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For real though, several people in this thread have expressed contempt and disgust at people they believe are living it up on government benefits.

Why is the same contempt not heaped upon top execs who took massive bonuses from TARP funds? Literally thousands of American families could have been fed on food stamps from a single executive bonus.

Why are food stamps recipients so looked down upon while this money, definitely going to people who neither need nor deserve it, has passed comparably unchecked?

Never once have I heard someone say they wanted to give a Bank of America exec one meal doled out at a time so they don't spend the money on expensive cocaine. Never once have I heard someone suggest the executive team at Chase be subjected to drug testing or other demeaning conditions to qualify for these massive bonuses. No one has proposed restricting the use of bailout funds or other corporate welfare to necessities and excepting things like cat or dog food and toilet paper.

Why do we feel so differently about these two forms of "handout?"
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