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...And with that, we end the fifth and final round! Here are the panelists' answers:

Roadie: Santa-themed
Minstrel: uʍop ǝpısdn
Seaboe Muffinchucker: Decorated for Christmas
GenYus234: Electric
SatansHobbit: Hanging from an Xmas tree
rangerdog: Electronic

Once again, our extremely-generous judge has ruled that "Santa-themed", "Decorated for Christmas", and "Hanging from an Xmas tree" fit the same general theme as many of the responses. I'm never using him again; he just gives the points away!

Remember, each correct answer is worth 3 points. Here's the final scoreboard:
diddy: 20 pts.
greenfrog78: 17 pts.

Dear Babby: 16 pts.
Beachlife!: 16 pts.

MapleLeaf: 9 pts.
rujasu: 7 pts.
Stan The Man: 7 pts.
Darth Credence: 6 pts.
Thorny Locust: 2 pts.
Dadof3: 1 pt.
nonnieyrissa: 1 pt.

Congratulations to diddy, one of our Match Game regulars! Unfortunately, diddy is not eligible for our prize package, but still receives all the fame, glory, and acclaim that comes with winning MATCH GAME!

Thanks once again to our esteemed panelists, everyone who participated, and to Mark Goodson Productions for not suing us over their intellectual properties! Good night, all!
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