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Originally Posted by wanderwoman View Post
I would also point out that the video I posted makes it clear that this all happened after the mother had already tripped the alarms with her earrings. I assume there are some extra procedures that must be followed once an alarm is tripped, and I hear people in the video trying to explain that to her.
How odd then that the child is the one being singled out - to the point where a TSA agent even takes her stuffed toy away from her. Which is what made a 3 yr old cry in the first place. Something I know would have happened had anyone tried to separate my 3 year old from her boon companion back in the day. Of course clearly the parents are once again at fault as they should never have allowed the child to become attached to a stuffed toy in the first place.

Originally Posted by Esprise Me View Post
That's not the impression I'm getting from this thread. What I see is the thread going from "hmm the TSA have done something wrong and admitted it" to "actually, just because they apologized, doesn't mean they were in the wrong" and when people responded with "but they violated their own policies!" pointing out that it makes sense they would say that, since they don't want people thinking their policies involve making adorable disabled toddlers cry, and asking for examples of specific things they did wrong. .
I saw "it's all down to crappy parenting" and "the parents are playing the sympathy card" posts which I found odd considering all the parents wanted was for the TSA to follow their own procedures correctly - oh and not to lie to them and try to intidimate them from doing something they are legally allowed to do (filming).
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