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Originally Posted by Sylvanz View Post
I was addressing the experience of UEL and others with that comment. I don't know if that is always policy, but if it is I'm agin' it.

I was just very disgusted because this thread went directly from, "Hmm the TSA have done something wrong and admitted it" to "The Parents are the SUXORS!!! and it was all their fault." I wasn't there (and I admittedly cannot hear the video) but she is their child and they appear to be a decent family, who takes good care of her (I know looks can be deceiving yadda yadda) but lets just assume that looks are correct this time. Why all the parent hate? I just don't understand why they are getting virtually all the condemnation in this thread and the TSA gets a bunch of tea and sympathy about how difficult their lot in life is.
I started in with criticism of the parents and I stand by it, minus some credit to them because they may not have realized what direction the media would take it (though that is hard to believe, given what dad does for a living). The video in the OP was so condescending to children with disabilities that it made me want to vomit.

I come from the point of view(vastly simplified here, for brevity) that society should accommodate people with disabilities so that they can live, as much as possible, like people without disabilities. This means making some sort of arrangement to get a person(of any age) who uses a wheelchair onto a plane so that person can travel. To me, it does not include exempting them from all the unpleasantness the rest of us have to endure, just because they have a disability. That is a part of life for everyone.

The parents were crying that they and their daughter were being treated like criminals, indicating to me that they think they should be swept through security without the chair being examined. I disagree. A child in a wheelchair would be the perfect way to put a bomb on a plane, if one could be sure it would not be scrutinized and had no qualms about killing a child to achieve their means. Those would probably be the same kind of people who would fly a plane full of people of all ages into a building filled with people of all ages.

Now, to the extent they just think that TSA should be more sensitive to the individual's needs, I agree, both for those with and without disabilities. Although, looking through the video, except for the woman who lied, it seems to me that everyone else is trying to be sympathetic and listen to the mother's suggestions for helping her child. So why vilify all of them when only one of them has done something wrong? They have a job to do, and I haven't seen anyone suggest here what else the TSA workers did that violated policy.

I work in a field in which I have to do an unpleasant job and get criticized no matter what I do. I accept that there are some occupations that are that way, and will get criticized no matter what because what they do is unpleasant for people, despite being necessary. However, I refuse to chime in on it unless the workers are actually doing something wrong, and somebody who knows what they are talking about can point out what it is.
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