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Originally Posted by Mickey Blue View Post
But whether you think they are valid (or reasonable) they still demand faith.
If you have to call it that I suppose. But the elevation of "faith" to a positive concept makes it a very different beast from unavoidable assumptions.

I personally like the color-blind example better than the others (just cause it's more realistic). A society of color-blind people would assume the world as they saw it was true but in fact there would be much that they could not see.
But we already live in that world and that assumption didn't last forever. We can't see ultraviolet or infrared but that limitation in our sensory input hasn't completely kneecapped our understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum. Your hypothetical color blind world wouldn't be any different. Sure it would be described and visualized differently, but the concept of "color" in some sense of the word would still exist. Like now we know intellectually that bats can "see" sound via echolocation in a way we can't and pit vipers can see heat and so forth. We can't internally visualize those concepts because yes they are fundamentally foreign to how we perceive the world, but they aren't some grand mysterious of the universe to us forever outside our understanding.

We are simply not that hampered by our sensory limitations. The idea that if we couldn't visually see color it would forever rob us of understanding the concept is just not true. We understand things we don't directly perceive through our senses all the time, and I'm not talking through mystical woo either.
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