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As a general rule, I think synonyms are never precisely identical. Each word or term has its own context and connotation, which give it different shades of meaning than any similar words or phrases. The word "faith" is very much colored by its religious uses, and as such has taken on a patina of courage and loyalty or irrationality and obstinacy, depending on how you view it. The word "assume," by contrast, is usually used to refer to either an unthinking, unchallenged belief that could be easily changed with new evidence (e.g. when I woke up and saw droplets of water all over my bedroom window, I assumed it had rained overnight, but then I saw the neighbor kids playing with squirt guns...) or a functional belief not sincerely held but used merely for the sake of problem-solving (let's assume, for the sake of argument...).

To put it another way, "faith" is a much weightier thing than "assumption."

ETA: Or what everyone else just said. Damn, I'm slow.
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