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Originally Posted by DemonWolf View Post
According to legend, a manager in my company needed to order a new fleet of vans to replace the current (at the time) fleet that was aging and beginning to be costly to maintain. So he noticed that the vans were usually ordered with an anti-rusting agent on the undercarriage. He decided to order the new fleet and saved the company millions. He was promoted for his finiancial genius.

His sucessor was later fired for spending billions to replace the whole fleet after the floors rusted out and the vans did not last as long as the previous fleet did.
Yeah, I have no problem believing that. What I've never been able to figure out is if the people who make these decisions (in the case of your example, the people who promoted the first guy and fired the second) are just that glaringly stupid, or if they're aware of the ridculousness of their decisions but figure that by the time the decisions catch up with them, they'll be long gone.

I found out about a similar situation with a former employer. It turns out that there was a task not getting done in a certain department. It was a simple, but time consuming task, and the person doing the task would have very little time for anything else (sorry for the vagueness, but I don't want anything identifiable here), and the company was in a hiring freeze and were forbidding the use of temps due to budget reasons.

So, for want of a $30,000 a year temp, this task - which would have made the company $1,000,000 a year! - was not getting done.

Even when this was explained to upper management, the response was "it's not in the budget."
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