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Originally Posted by FullMetal View Post
sounds to me like someone trying to explain why PCBs (printed Circuit boards) have obvious places for capacitors, resistors etc, yet are missing them. take a look at a lot of your electronics and you'll find these "missing capacitors". I'm not in electronics, but i'm guessing that they were in the initial plans for the electronics, but were found to be superfluous or were even (GASP) a mistake by the designer. or a remnant from an older version, or something else.

also i highly doubt they'd do that at the manufacture floor level, it'd be done in the design and testing phase.
As A Turtle Named Mack guessed, it is because they print a single board with all the added features and just for add the components for the added features to the lower priced models.

Originally Posted by chillas View Post
Also, I doubt that someone on the assembly line would be able to give a meaningful answer to "what does this do?"

Still ... corporate America is filled with examples of management interfering with and changing processes that they don't understand, usually to the detriment of the company (then of course getting a bonus for lowering costs, while those below hir get dinged when the process no longer works!).

According to legend, a manager in my company needed to order a new fleet of vans to replace the current (at the time) fleet that was aging and beginning to be costly to maintain. So he noticed that the vans were usually ordered with an anti-rusting agent on the undercarriage. He decided to order the new fleet and saved the company millions. He was promoted for his finiancial genius.

His sucessor was later fired for spending billions to replace the whole fleet after the floors rusted out and the vans did not last as long as the previous fleet did.
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