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Originally Posted by FullMetal View Post
sounds to me like someone trying to explain why PCBs (printed Circuit boards) have obvious places for capacitors, resistors etc, yet are missing them. take a look at a lot of your electronics and you'll find these "missing capacitors". I'm not in electronics, but i'm guessing that they were in the initial plans for the electronics, but were found to be superfluous or were even (GASP) a mistake by the designer. or a remnant from an older version, or something else.

also i highly doubt they'd do that at the manufacture floor level, it'd be done in the design and testing phase.
I had always figured that the motherboards were created with the capacity to have all sorts of functions added, just as vars often have little panels where certain options belong if you get that option as part of your purchase. It is easier, cheaper, and more reliable to build a few basic forms which can have features added into places already prepared for the features than to have a unique build for each set of options.
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