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Originally Posted by ganzfeld View Post
I guess it wouldn't be a hash because that would be kind of useless. Typically a hash changes completely with a change in just one bit.
Just to give an example for ganz's point:

- we have plenty of IT filters and defences on our main networks and email
- soldiers will find a way to bypass these email filters
- we had one filter that would not allow "raw" training imagery from our equipment pass through. It would be in jpg format 1000x900 at 32 bit resolution (or something like that, nothing outrageous)
- but, to get past the filter, we "converted it" to exactly the same dimensions and resolution
- to the naked eye there was no difference
- but the email filters allowed them

I am certain that if there is some aspect of this that will deal with filters, someone will quickly and easily find a way to defeat the defence.

And the worst case scenario is a data breach. There are enough breaches with usernames, account numbers and passwords. I would not feel comfortable having a library or database with images of me waiting to be hacked.
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