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As A Turtle Named Mack guessed, it is because they print a single board with all the added features and just for add the components for the added features to the lower priced models.

According to legend, a manager in my company needed to order a new fleet of vans to replace the current (at the time) fleet that was aging and beginning to be costly to maintain. So he noticed that the vans were usually ordered with an anti-rusting agent on the undercarriage. He decided to order the new fleet and saved the company millions. He was promoted for his finiancial genius.

His sucessor was later fired for spending billions to replace the whole fleet after the floors rusted out and the vans did not last as long as the previous fleet did.

This is a believable story to me. I've seen in private corporations and military service where the accomplishments of a small team are credited to numerous people up the chain, so something like this would be very possible.

In a somewhat unrelated story, I recall how a hard drive manufacturer a few years back (late 90s) was behind on production prior to the Chirstmas season, so they made the decision to put bricks in the boxes where hard drives would go and sort it out after the holidays when they had production capacity to spare. Sales didn't suffer and the bricks were replaced whenever anyone complained. I can't find a reference to it, but I remember it from the news.
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