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It's relatively easy to fake a slip like that. Pretty easy to balls up the fakery too, but not so hard to get right.

I agree the onlookers reactions seem to suggest they've fallen into a vat of sulphuric acid rather than a swimming pool. While an awful thing to happen at a wedding, it's hardly as bad as the reactions seem to indicate.

The camera shot is close up until right before the priest asks for the rings. Now, it could simply be that the camerman knew that was the part of the ceremony coming up and reacted accordingly so we could see the best man coming in to give the rings - but doesn't it also seem just a little 'too' far out? A little 'too convenient' so we can see the entire fall? I mean seriously, did we need to see the best man's feet? Wouldn't a closer shot of him handing over the rings be more appropriate?
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