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Originally Posted by diddy View Post
I know that the duster jackets worn by certain figure in the old west (like Wyatt Earp) were not worn just because they made you look nice - the big pockets made it easier to conceal a pistol since most towns outlawed visible carrying of guns in town limits (they were mostly concealed or the law was ignored in many cases) than to use a holster.

Most people didnít expect a pocket draw but rather expected a holster draw.

But that wasnít their obvious designed usage.
During the Irish War of Independence in the early 1920s, there was at least one warning given by the British that they would shoot on sight anyone with their hands in their pockets, following a spate of attacks where the IRA concealed guns in their coats.
Many mothers took to sewing up their son's coat pockets in case they forgot. (Easily done in a cold country). Not sure where I read this, but I think it was in Dan Breen's book of the conflict.
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