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It's not the fact it was porn that was shown, but the consent. I did not say I wanted to watch porn at this moment in time, you're forcing it upon me without my consent is a violation of my righty (can't remember which one but I know it's there).

Originally Posted by Beachlife! View Post
I'm curious as why you put snuff and watersports in the same category. I think there is a lot of room between those two subjects. It makes me confused as to where you stand.
Because those are the two things that aren't their kink? They're not saying that NO OTHER CATEGORY shouldn't be shown, they just wouldn't be down for those...which most people aren't, in fact, those two and beastiality are usually the top three no go's.

Granted, for a public exibition, I would also put the 'forced' category on there, but you know, mostly because I don't want people confusing fantasy and reality and thinkin that's okay. Too many stupid people exist.

Back to the subject at hand, if you took away the 'trapped in traffic' part, and say...a group of adults heading to the park for a public porn viewing, would your reaction be the same? I am honestly curious, because mine would. I would say more power to them, get some good lube. Many people view porn and sexuality as private, "behind closed doors" things, and I'm curious if that colours how we see this...and this is the downside of having an intellectual interest in sexuality as I ask weird questions.
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