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Now I'm wondering how much of the edit history we can see. You can't see the edit history on other people's posts (or at least, I can't) but on your own posts, there's a link on "Last edited by" which shows a certain amount of the history, and lets you compare versions to see differences.

(eta 1) However, it seems that link only lasts as long as the edit window - 20 minutes I think?

(eta 2) And the "Reason for Editing" box shows only a single line of text at a time, so I'm wondering whether there's more than one version of that, because the history implies it should be a version label.

(eta 3) Indeed, although only the latest "Reason for Editing" shows up in the post, the previous "Reason[s] for Editing" are used as labels when you look at the edit history using your "Last edited by" link.

(final eta) It's labelled just as "Reason" under the post, of course. I wanted to do a final edit to wrap things up. I must admit that I usually leave out the Reason altogether - if I think I can get away with a quick correction before the 5-minute limit when "Last edited by" appears, then I'll do so without mentioning it, and if I'm adding anything substantial I'll mark it with (eta) in the post itself. ("eta" = "edited to add", which I believe is a more general acronym and not just one that I invented - I hope so, anyway. People seem to understand it.).

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