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Originally Posted by snopes View Post
Comment: This whole story seems kinda fishy to me. This boy Shawn Hornbeck has been missing since 2002. The man that suppossedly kidnapped him is being charged with kidnapping. How is that? The boy had plenty of opportunities to alert authorities that he was a missing kidnapped child. {snip} My concern is...what was wrong with his family that made him want to keep a secret as to who he was?? I dont believe the man had any intentions of hurting him. He kept him alive for over 4 years. He had to of been taking care of him properly. Feeding him and clothing him and giving him a bike and a cell phone and internet access. {snip-ola} This makes me only think that there was something in his own family life that made him not want to tell who he was and why he didnt want to go back home to his parents. He must of been happy with this man if he never told anyone who he was for 4 years! {snip-a-roonie} Maybe the parents are to blame for their sons disappearance and why he never came home!!
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